Low Pressure Water Mist System
for Accommodation and Public Spaces
in accordance with IMO A 800 (19)

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The FlexiFOG® water mist fire extinguishing method offers a degree of security and effectiveness previously unknown in systems using water as the extinguishing agent.

FlexiFOG® nozzles have integrated heat sensitive elements with fast response character at a nominal release temperature of 57oC.

The FlexiFOG® system protects the following areas using the same pump station/system:

  • Accommodation and public areas in accordance with IMO A800 (19)
  • Machinery spaces class 3 in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ 668/728
  • High risk areas in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ 913

FlexiFOG® Typical application in accommodation – IMO A800 (19)

FlexiFOG® – Advantages compared to high pressure systems:

  • Low pressure, only 6-12 bar, depending on application
  • Lower system weight
  • Space saving due to reduced component dimensions
  • Lower power consumption
  • Time and cost saving installation
  • No welding needed (press-fitting system)
  • Less mechanical strain in piping reducing the possibilities for leakage and failure in the system
  • Time and cost saving maintenance
  • Safer and easier to maintain.
IMO A800 (19)