Low Pressure Water Mist System
for High Risk Areas
in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ. 913

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The FlexiFOG® water mist fire extinguishing method offers a degree of security and effectiveness previously unknown in systems using water as the extinguishing agent.

The system may be released locally within the protected space and from manned station. The control panel will always monitor and indicate the status of the system.

Automatic release possibility when unmanned engine room condition.

The FlexiFOG® system protects the following areas using the same pump station/system:

  • Accommodation and public areas in accordance with IMO A800 (19)
  • Machinery spaces class 3 in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ 668/728
  • High risk areas in accordance with IMO MSC/Circ 913

FlexiFOG® Typical layout for High risk areas – IMO MSC/Circ. 913

FlexiFOG® – Advantages compared to high pressure systems:

  • Low pressure, only 4-9 bar, depending on application
  • Lower system weight
  • Space saving due to reduced component dimensions
  • Lower power consumption
  • Time and cost saving installation
  • No welding needed (press-fitting system)
  • Less mechanical strain in piping reducing the possibilities for leakage and failure in the system
  • Time and cost saving maintenance
  • Safer and easier to maintain.

Installation Heien-Larssen offers complete installation and delivery of necessary pipes and fittings.

IMO MSC/Circ. 913